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Backyard Chickens – A Growing Trend?

Backyard Chickens – A Growing Trend?

Illinois Town Allows Raising of Backyard Chickens

The village board in Western Springs, a small town in Illinois, recently approved a measure allowing residents to raise backyard chickens. This appears to be part of a growing trend.

It appears the trend is part of a larger trend of growing your own food locally, such as a backyard vegetable garden. By keeping chickens in your backyard, homeowners can have access to fresh eggs and protein. This is a very different approach from the people who raise baby chicks as pet chickens.

Backyard Chickens Ordinance

The Western Springs village board went on to clarify and implement measures for raising backyard chickens, which are always needed in our opinion. For example, a chicken coop must be at least 75 feet from a neighbor’s house. Plus, chicken coops must be kept clean and in good shape. We applaud the board for taking this step because there is nothing worse than the smell of chicken manure on a hot summer day.

No Roosters Allowed in Your Backyard Chickens

The measures are a bit discriminatory toward roosters however – they’re not allowed in your flock of backyard chickens. But this is very understandable (and acceptable) because neither you nor your neighbors want to be awaken at 6:00 a.m. by the crowing of a rooster.

All in all, we salute the Western Springs village board for their recent decision on raising backyard chickens. As long as the local residents find good chicken coops for sale and keep them clean and in good order, everyone should benefit.

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